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Why Secretary Plus?

Secretary Plus is the number one agency for selecting, recruiting, assigning, outsourcing and training multilingual management assistants. As the market leader for over 20 years, we provide customised service, are able to function in an advisory role, and serve as a benchmark as well as a reference in our sector.

Secretary Plus can help you with all temporary and permanent vacancies, as well as outsourcing projects. Our extensive database allows us to always find the right profile of your management assistant. We offer you the best solution thanks to our professional selection and recruitment strategy, and a network of agencies.

You can choose how you want to work with us and your assistant:

  • Interim: temporary and customised professional service
  • Recruitment & Selection: the most immediate way to hire steady personnel suitable for the job
  • Outsourcing Solutions: a permanent guarantee of continuity

Values of Secretary Plus

Our consultants and our specialised teams, in the office or on location, are open to your corporate culture, but also stay true to our five core values. Our teams work with an open database, within a network of agencies. These values reflect the company culture and vision of Secretary Plus:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Commitment
  • Growth oriented
  • Acknowledgement
  • Team Spirit

Our Mission

Our professional working methods as well as our personal approach guarantee that Secretary Plus matches up the right candidates with the most interesting careers.

By reacting innovately to business changes in our field of specialty we achieve the best results!

In addition to the goals as stated in our mission, we constantly strive towards improving the image of the profession of management assistant.


Our Vision

Secretary Plus' success is built on our specialisation in which we creatively fine-tune our products and services to the changing needs of our clients as well as our assistants.


Recorgnized service provider


Secretary Plus won the Qfor quality label for its procedures and customer satisfaction. Besides the quality guarantee, this label offers our customers a significant added value: this label gives Secretary Plus the possibility to offer our customers a 50% subsidy for our advice via the SME portfolio.

More information about this subsidy can be found at www.kmo-portefeuille.be.

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About Secretary Plus
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About Secretary Plus
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