Joo Haelen
"I have known Secretary Plus for quite some time as I have done an interim assignment for them. They were leading in administrative programmes. I was very much interested when I heard that they entered the market with a new programme. All this happened more than 10 years ago. Meanwhile, Secretary Plus Outsourcing Solutions is very well known to the general public, which I have noticed by the numerous projects that I have carried out in the meantime. 10 years ago, I needed to explain the concept each time anew to my colleagues, while I now hear more and more frequently that most people are familiar with our outsourcing programme.

10 years as an employee within the same company: I never thought this would happen to me! I did have all kinds of different jobs, but not one of them one that I would consider to continue doing for the rest of my career... until I started with Secretary Plus Outsourcing Solutions. What begun as a small trial pilot project has now grown into a well-oiled machinery. I must admit that the continuous variety within the job, the various projects in different positions, different departments and in different functions attract me most, but the possibility to also attend a wide range of training programmes is surely an extra bonus. Do you like variety but at the same time find stability important? If so, come by at Secretary Plus; maybe you will become my new colleague!"

Joo Haelen,
Project Assistant