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Select, recruit and post multilingual assistants. Outsource and train them.
That is what Secretary Plus has been doing for 20 years. Today, we are market leader in our niche.

In Belgium, Secretary Plus has 14 branches. You’d like to work as a consultant at one of our offices and offer our candidates and customers the best solutions and service every day? Or would you, as a business manager, like to be responsible for the development of a branch with the support of your team?   

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Why Secretary Plus?

The core business of Secretary Plus is PEOPLE. No organisation better than Secretary Plus knows how important human capital is for the success of an organisation. Every day, we demonstrate how much we value our happy team and challenge them to always give the best of themselves.

Our employees:

Why should you choose a job at Secretary Plus? We asked our employees to explain why they decided to join Secretary Plus. They were keen to share their experiences.