Secretary Plus voted Best Workplace for the seventh time!


The Best Workplaces in Belgium were chosen in the Dockx Dome in Brussels last night, 19 March 2019. This is the seventh time since 2008 that Secretary Plus has won the title in the category of organisations with fewer than 500 employees. Once again, we stood on the winners’ podium, achieving a wonderful 3th place, a title we will proudly wear. 

Naturally, general manager Linda Cappelle is extremely happy with this achievement. “We are over the moon that Secretary Plus has received this type of recognition as an employer. This is an opportunity for our employees to show that they trust us as an employer, that they are proud of what they do every day and that they also enjoy their work. And we think that all of this is just as important. While the war for talent has reached an unprecedented level, we all have to work longer even though research indicates that our mental health balance is increasingly at risk[1]. It’s no wonder, then, that the well-being of our employees is a top priority at Secretary Plus. Every day, we do our utmost to create a pleasant workplace where everyone feels at home.”

Secretary Plus, which has already been voted Great Place to Work 7 times, is happy to share some tips. “Above all, we need to work together in order to build a Great Place to Work, based on the input of our employees,” Linda Cappelle explains. “The survey has allowed us to monitor the situation and identify the needs of our employees. As a result, we’ve created a process involving our entire team, which allows us to pinpoint the areas in need of improvement and offer possible solutions. It’s already been over 10 years since we introduced the Great Place to Work survey within our organisation, and the satisfaction of our employees has kept increasing year after year. And we intend to maintain this momentum. That’s because investing in our people is more than worth it!”


[1] Partena (2017) Aantal bedienden met verhoogd risico op burnout gestegen. Article accessible via