Katrien Raemaekers

"In the last year of my studies in Office Management, I had absolutely no idea of the sector I wanted to work in or the function I would like to have. As a result of my participation in the Young Potential Award (a competition for final year students organised by Secretary Plus), Outsourcing Solutions offered me a job as Junior Project Assistant when I graduated.  This meant that each time I would be posted for a short period in a company to take care of certain tasks. A very varied job with the possibility of expanding my network quickly. I seized this opportunity with both hands: to gain a wealth of experience in a short time, try out all sorts of sectors and functions, and meet new people every time. There is also an attractive salary to boot. A dream job! 

I started my first project on 5 August 2013. Since then, a little over a year has passed and I’m already working on my fourth project. I never regretted my choice! Each project is different. It’s all the more fun and also more stressful, but I try to complete each project as efficiently as possible. If the project is somewhat disappointing, I can count down to the end. If the project turns out to be better than expected, chances are I will be a bit reluctant to leave it. One thing is certain: every time is like going on a new adventure. 

I would advise anyone – the ambitious, flexible school leaver as well as the more experienced assistant looking for a new challenge – to work as a project assistant at Outsourcing Solutions. You keep learning new skills, you meet new people and you can share or apply your own experiences in the various projects. I am convinced that this job is a springboard for my future career!' 

Katrien Raemaekers, 
Project Assistant (Outsourcing Solutions)