"In the third year of my studies in Office Management at the KHBO (Catholic University College of Bruges - Ostend) in Bruges, I received training in applying for jobs. That’s how I discovered Secretary Plus. That first encounter stayed with me, at both a professional and personal level. The practical tips & tricks offered during the job application course allowed me to get my first job immediately upon completing my studies, as a Marketing Assistant at Vanden Broele publishing house. After two years, I wanted to discover new horizons, so I promptly contacted Secretary Plus. Having sent my CV through in the evening, I got a call back from them the next day already to go over my details. A week later I already had a meeting at Secretary Plus Ghent. Following a few language proficiency and computer literacy tests, a personality test and an in-depth interview, I was offered the job of HR Consultant.  I didn’t hesitate long. A week later I had signed my contract. 

Just over six years later, I still feel the same enthusiasm as on that first day. Every day is different and a new challenge! A varied job with a healthy alternation between administration work and social contacts. It is also a meaningful job. We look for the “perfect match” for both candidates and clients. The gratitude you get from that makes it all worth it! I’m still coming to work every day with a big smile on my face. We are a young and dynamic team in Ghent. A real dream team! We work together towards the same goal and step into the breach for each other. Communication and cooperation between different offices is also very good. Now, more than ever, I am proud to be working for such an innovative and progressive company as Secretary Plus! Once a pink lady, always a pink lady!"

Lies Pieters,
Business  Manager (Secretary Plus)