Jurgen Detobel | Sales consultant | Halle

Jurgen Detobel has already been working at Secretary plus for ten years, the first five as a project assistant for Outsourcing Solutions. He acquired a wealth of experience at various of the company’s customers through this function. Jurgen has been employed in-house for the past five years and he knows that the drive and ambition to succeed is nowhere greater than at Secretary Plus.

You work as a consultant in Halle. What are your responsibilities there?

“As a sales consultant, my main responsibility is prospecting for new customers. I take care of our existing customer relationships and participate in recruitment and networking events. These may take place at an external partner, like a job fair, for example, but Secretary Plus also encourages us to organise our own events. Such events don’t necessarily imply snacks and drinks. You are also allowed to think out of the box, by holding a breakfast meeting, for example."

"The second aspect of my job involves assisting candidates in their search for a new job.”

Can you explain why you enjoy doing this job so much? 

“I love the variety: every day is different, which I take on like a challenge. I also have a very commercial mindset: being result-oriented, working towards a goal really appeals to me. I derive a lot of satisfaction from building and maintaining new customer relationships."

"The strongest motivation for me is the appreciation I get from a customer or a candidate when I can help them fill a job. Sometimes, people are so grateful that they thank me with a small gift. That’s certainly motivating.”

Of course, it’s always nice to get a pat on the back from colleagues. How would you describe the atmosphere in the Halle office?

“We are a strong team. With the exception of one consultant, we all have more than ten years’ experience with Secretary Plus. We know each other well. We work independently and autonomously. We decide how we want to work and because we’ve been working together for so long, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, while I am somewhat less strong in administration, my colleague excels at it. That way, we complement each other nicely.”


"Secretary Plus is more than a company; we are a family"

In your opinion, which aspect got Secretary Plus elected as Best Workplace? What are the company’s major assets according to you?

“I spent five years working for Secretary Plus Outsourcing Solutions and was posted at both SMEs and multinationals during that time. Yet, you won’t find the atmosphere, dynamism and engagement of Secretary Plus people anywhere else. We congratulate each other on successes and we are also willing to step in to help a colleague in need. That’s the ‘SPlus feeling’. Secretary Plus is more than a company; we are a family.”

What is your office doing to translate the 2017 Secretary Plus slogan ‘A healthy mind in a healthy body’ into actions?

“At the annual kick-off we were treated to a workshop by Sandra Bekkari on healthy eating, followed by lunch. We now have a granola break every morning at our office and we encourage each other to eat healthy snacks. The many incentives have also been repackaged for the occasion: For example, this year you might win a fruit basket if you manage to get good results."

"In recent years, Secretary Plus has spared no effort to make our offices welcoming, healthy workplaces. The work-life balance is taken into account. For those who so wish, ergonomic adjustments can be made, and the communication lines are open. As an employee, you are close to management who knows you personally. I can simply ask the general manager if she had a good holiday. Contact is casual, as there is little hierarchy.”


"You won’t find the atmosphere, dynamism and commitment of Secretary Plus people anywhere else. We are all very passionate and we work together to achieve the best results"

You mentioned the sense of belonging to a family at Secretary Plus. How is it that employees feel so strongly connected?

“We all try to give the best of ourselves. We are ambitious, hardworking, passionate and committed. At the same time, we live by the ‘work hard, play hard’ motto: we take the time to reward ourselves for the hard work and reflect on what we’ve achieved.”