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Considering the variety of functions at Secretary Plus, no doubt you will find the perfect job here.



HR Consultant


Our HR Consultants’ job? They match talent! They are experts in attracting skilled candidates and screen them during an interview. And afterwards? They coach them to find their ideal job. But as multitaskers, they are also the point of contact for our customers, assisting them with a smile. In a nutshell, they are the link between customer and candidate, doing their utmost every day to achieve the perfect match. 


Sales Consultant


Our Sales Consultants manage our customer portfolio optimally. How exactly do they do this? They keep their ears and eyes open to spot new opportunities. They visit their existing customers on a regular basis and win prospects over through sales actions. If a customer entrusts us with filling in a job vacancy, they take on the challenge of finding the perfect candidate.



Business Manager


Business Managers run their office efficiently. Thanks to their commercial flair, sales campaigns run smoothly and the office’s market share in the region grows exponentially. As enthusiastic coaches, they manage their team successfully, always focusing on individual talents and collective goals. Finally, they analyse the results achieved by their office. Can these be improved? If so, they adapt their approach accordingly.


HR Administrator


HR Administrators are responsible for the flawless payroll processing for our temporary assistants. But the scope of their job responsibilities is much broader. In fact, they provide administrative support for the entire office network of Secretary Plus, for our customers as well as our temporary employees. Having extensive knowledge of social legislation, they advise our consultants, with excellent service as their main priority. 



Project Leader


Our Project Leaders are key figures in our Outsourcing Solutions department. Their job: finding and scheduling project staff for our customers. They first and foremost ensure a continuous influx of strong candidates. They also help companies when they require temporary support by matching the right staff with each project. Their ultimate goal? A satisfied assistant and a happy customer!


Account Manager


Our Account Managers are all commercial highflyers. They convince companies of the added value of Outsourcing Solutions and are responsible for attracting new customers within their region. But they also nurture relationships with existing customers. They ensure the smooth coordination of ongoing projects: this means that they work closely with the Project Leaders, which allows them to offer each customer a tailored solution. 



Our marketingteam


Our marketeers put the Secretary Plus brand on the map. Brand recognition is rapidly increasing thanks to their original online and offline campaigns. Their actions and marketing plan are always well founded, their copy and layout are spot-on and their deadlines met without fault. By closely following the latest marketing trends, our Marketing team knows exactly which opportunities we can use to our advantage.


Our HR-team


Our HR team is constantly improving the workplace. They work on multiple fronts: they select the right candidates; they serve as a contact point for all HR-related issues and are responsible for many projects: roll-out of the annual evaluation meetings, giving employees a voice through brainstorming sessions, or organising a challenging master class, for instance. They are committed to ensuring that all Secretary Plus staff are satisfied in their job.



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