Our HR team is building a great workplace for our people. And they do more than just provide the building blocks for this; they also actively seek input from our team. Under the guidance of HR, we are working together to improve this Great Place to Work for our Happy Team.


They quickly know which top talents will fit the values and culture of Secretary Plus to a T

Our HR team’s goal is to make sure that everybody is happy in his/her function. On the one hand, they do this by selecting the right candidates. For instance, they draft job descriptions, carefully monitor the influx of candidates and provide each candidate with personal feedback. The interviews and assessments they conduct allow them to determine rapidly which top candidates are a perfect fit for the values and culture of Secretary Plus. In addition, they are the first point of contact for all HR-related questions. And this encompasses a very broad range of responsibilities. In fact, HR takes care of the entire career path followed by our people while employed in our organisation. They provide new colleagues with flawless onboarding. After all, don’t our team members deserve to start their career with a bang? They then guide them throughout their career, keeping close contact the whole time.


HR allows our people to grow on many different levels

Finally, HR is responsible for projects aimed at increasing the well-being of our team. This may include drafting a health policy, a masterclass designed to give our people the opportunity to grow, or working on a new tool that optimizes onboarding. HR is a solid, reliable partner that allows our people to grow on many different levels.

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