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As an HR consultant, matching talent is the top priority. And this is no easy task. Our HR consultants make every effort to fill their customers’ job vacancies with suitable candidates. They aim for the perfect match, nothing less.


Our HR Consultants make sure we have a steady influx of great candidates

How do they proceed? It all boils down to attracting talent. They compose catchy job ads and are experts at disseminating them over the right channel. This allows them to reach the right target group in no time. In other words, our HR Consultants make sure we have a steady influx of great candidates.

HR Consultants then screen this top talent during a telephone interview, gaining deeper insights into the aspirations and experience of each candidate. If it’s a match, they invite them to a more thorough interview which may take place at the office or via Skype. During this interview they quickly estimate the strengths of the candidate and are able to propose jobs that are the best fit for the profile.


They aim for the perfect match, nothing less

Once they have identified the candidates’ expectations, they coach them to achieve their ideal job. But they do much more than conducting interviews and suggesting a few jobs. They have the double role of point of contact and partner in the job search. They help candidates look for the perfect job, strengthen their abilities through self-awareness or prepare them for that important job interview with a customer. Our HR Consultants will keep offering their support until our candidates find their dream job.

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