Project Leader

The Project Leaders of Outsourcing Solutions efficiently manage ongoing projects with our customers. In addition to staffing projects with project assistants, they also closely monitor the satisfaction of both customer and assistants! Our Project Leaders make sure we have a steady influx of outsourcing candidates. They use various channels to look for motivated assistants to support our customers in varied and exciting projects. Ultimately, they subject these candidates to a thorough assessment to make sure they are cut out for project work. If the enthusiasm is mutual, they’re presented with a contract and a first project.


They always manage a good match

They manage almost 300 project assistants and at least as many projects. It is quite a challenge, but they always manage to match assistants with the right project. If a specific replacement is necessary, or the customer suddenly needs additional staff, they quickly come to the rescue.


They help project assistants use their abilities optimally

Our Project Leaders assist their project assistants throughout their careers. They offer projects that match their interests and skills, are always ready to answer questions, lend an ear when needed and help them use their skills optimally.

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