Sales Consultant

Our Sales Consultants play an active role in building the market share of Secretary Plus within their region. In addition to nurturing their portfolio of existing customers, they spare no effort to find the perfect candidate to fill customer vacancies and are responsible for attracting new customers.


They present persuasive selling arguments for a partnership with Secretary Plus

Our Sales Consultants are experts at reaching prospects and presenting them with persuasive arguments for a partnership with Secretary Plus. During sales meetings, they assess the customer’s actual needs and subsequently propose a tailored solution. They effortlessly translate the output of these meetings into a tender, and later supervise the contract delivery to ensure flawless service.

If a customer entrusts their vacancy to us, our Sales Consultants will pull out all the stops to find the right candidate for the function. They approach top candidates and work closely with the HR Consultants within the team to deliver the quality that our Secretary Plus customers are accustomed to.


The customer is king for our Sales Consultants

Our Sales Consultants are reliable experts for our customers. The customer is king and they proactively monitor satisfaction. They are capable of assessing customer wishes intuitively and consistently propose a tailored solution as a result.

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