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What can we do for you?

Are you looking for a permanent or temporary job that will challenge you while allowing you to grow? You have good language skills, you are looking for work in one of our specialist areas and have loads of ambition? You can be sure Secretary Plus will fastrack your career with jobs and assignments, coaching and a lot of development opportunities.


Do you only specialise in Management Support?

No, you can contact Secretary Plus even if you’ve been looking for a job in another field: the market is changing and we evolve with it. And this agility, precisely, is a prerequisite for our high-quality service. 

You can contact us for a permanent or temping job in the following fields:

Management support
Human resources

    Logistics and Procurement

Marketing, communication and PR

    Sales and Support


How does Secretary Plus help you address a new challenge?

Secretary Plus offers both permanent and temporary jobs. Together, we determine your motivations and your ambitions, as well as which job is the best match for you. In simple terms, finding the right job has everything to do with the way you want to work. Together, we will define your career path. Sometimes we think ahead, giving you options you had not yet considered. We inspire and motivate, and, in doing so, guide your career on to a promising long-term course. 



How does Secretary Plus work?

First, you have to go through our specific selection procedure before we can get you the permanent or temping job of your dreams. In this process, we verify that your personality fits within our customer’s corporate culture. 

The selection procedure consists of various steps:


Telephone screening

We go over your knowledge and skills, and listen to what you're looking for in a job.

Assessment and personality test

We test your language proficiency and Office skills. You take a personality test using Profil pro, the test module that was developed specially for Secretary Plus.


One of our consultants goes over your test results with you, and you draw up a targeted profile together. 


Obtaining professional credentials

Using the necessary discretion, we obtain your professional references from former employers.

Proposal of job opportunities

We then offer you a selection of job openings.

Contract signing

We found a perfect match for you? Time to go to work!


Once you’ve started in your new job, we maintain regular contact to check that all parties are and remain satisfied.

Coaching and training

You also get - thanks to We Assist You - a membership, which gives you access to continuous further training and information in your new function.

So, you like variety?

In that case, Outsourcing Solutions are perfect for you. As a member of a project team for Secretary Plus, you are posted at our customers’ on a project basis. Not only do you acquire more experience in that way, you also develop your skillset, because we keep investing in your training and growth.

Go to Outsourcing Solutions


You are an international talent?

If you are a native speaker living in Belgium, you can contact International Talents. This Secretary Plus department is looking for permanent and temporary staff for international players on the Belgian market. You are a specialist in your own language looking for a job as an assistant, call centre operator, clerk, salesman or saleswoman, manager or project coordinator? International Talents definitely has opportunities for you.

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We Assist You: the career accelerator

Day in and day out, Secretary Plus invests in development and growth through We Assist You: Belgium’s biggest website for assistants. Whether you now want to strengthen, deepen, expand or change: let We Assist You inspire you. You will find interesting articles, tips, tricks and tools to help you develop your talents further.
By the way, did you know that expanding your knowledge doesn’t always have to take long? Take part in one of our many webinars: a one-hour online training session during your lunch break, live on your PC or tablet. The perfect way to brush up your knowledge in a short time. 

Discover We Assist You


Any internal vacancies at Secretary Plus?

In Belgium, Secretary Plus has 14 branches. You’d like to work as a consultant at one of our offices and offer our candidates and customers the best solutions and service every day? Or would you, as a business manager, like to be responsible for the development of a branch with the support of your team? 

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