Naomi Opsomer

"With my Bachelor degree in Business in sight, I was looking for a temporary job before I would begin my master a year later abroad. The whole process of getting acquainted with Secretary Plus to finally starting my job at Deloitte – only one week after my graduation – didn't even take a month. After I had uploaded my CV to the website, I got a phone call a few days later to schedule an interview. During that talk, they paid huge attention to my wishes, taking into account my background and focusing on the job I was looking for, in which region and for which duration. At the same time, I underwent a number of tests to determine my level in French, English, and in Word and Excel.

My contact  with Secretary Plus was always very easy and pleasant. They really tried to establish a bond with me as a candidate, and because of that managed to find the most suitable job for me in a very customised and professional way. And the great thing about it all is that I feel that I am not merely someone who found the right work environment, but I am also the person my employer was looking for all this time."

Naomi Opsomer,
Management Assistant (Deloitte)